Matusadona Anti-poaching Unit

We were also allowed to visit this anti-poaching unit. We were given a detailed briefing in the Situation Room by their leader Mike Pelham. It is unbelievable what this unit has achieved in the last 2 years after Matusadona Conservation Trust has been running Matusadona National Park. This trust is a joint venture between African Parks and the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority. Mike has been in Tashinga, the headquarters of the unit, for a few months. For security reasons, I only took 1 permitted photo in the room.


Chief Operations Officer of the APU Mike Pelham and Dr Richard Hoare

We were given a detailed demonstration of the rangers' equipment and how they work.

When you're in the bush for days on end, you need clean water. With this filter, you can turn dirty water into drinking water in just a few seconds.

After the restructuring of the unit, the first thing that was thought of was the rangers. Not only did they get more money, much better training and new, clean accommodation. Even an infirmary and a school with 3 teachers were built. The rangers are correspondingly motivated. Due to the work of the anti-poaching unit, poaching has drastically decreased in the last 2 years. The unit also intensively cares for the inhabitants of the villages adjacent to the park. Only in cooperation with them can poaching be significantly reduced.

New accommodation for the rangers

New school with several classrooms for the children of the rangers

1st and 2nd grade

3rd and 4th grade

Even a playground was thought of

In recent weeks, these boats have been confiscated for illegal fishing in the overfished reservoir in the national park.

fltr. Sian Brown (in the vehicle), Tracey Pelham, Dr Gisela Hennig, Dr Wolfgang Hennig, Chief Officer Michael (Mike) Pelham, Dr Richard Hoare