NGO Saving Endangered Wildlife

We are a non-profit, non-governmental environmental society which was founded in Bayreuth on 23.11.2017

Our Objectives

1. Protection and support for endangered wildlife, above all in Africa
2. Rehabilitation and creation of biotopes in Northern Bavaria

Who we are

We are dedicated conservationists and nature lovers that are passionate about wildlife, its welfare and protection. Our NGO supports conservation projects in Southern Africa and is actively involved in species protection and the rehabilitation of biotopes in Northern Bavaria.

why another society?

Click on the following images to find out more about the NGO and current projects they are involved in.

See below for more information on our current projects.

Urgently needed vehicle for anti-poaching unit

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Previous projects

Click on the following images to find out more about the NGO and previous projects they were involved in.

Procurement and Development of biotopes in Northern Bavaria

His appeal to “Buy small ponds - the birds will turn them into a biotope network themselves” struck a chord with the Hennigs.

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Drilling a borehole in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

When experienced safari goers and seasoned Africa travelers Dr Wolfgang and Dr Gisela Hennig discovered the skeleton of an elephant in Hwange National Park in August 2014 and learned that his elephant had died of thirst and dehydration they felt compelled to act!

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Restauration of the boreholes in Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe)

Every single day, hundreds of elephants visit the waterhole to either quench their thirst or cool off by taking a mud bath with the result that the waterhole has kept increasing in size over the years.

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Funding of the society "NGO Saving Endangered WIldlife" --> Africa: Fight against poaching; Germany: Securing biotopes

... "In all these efforts, it was natural to start an association. So the families got together and founded on 23.11.2017 the association "NGO Saving Endangered Wildlife"

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Elephant GPS-collar and monitoring programme funded by the “Rettung bedrohter Wildtiere”

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Our area of activity

In Simbabwe we support a newly-founded anti-poaching unit. For more info, and what is most needed, please click here.

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