Renewed donations to the Bumi Hills Antipoaching Unit (BHAPU)

On 30 March 2021 and on 22 June 2021 our small society had donated € 10,000.00 each, making a total of € 20,000 to the anti poaching unit in the Bumi Hills at Kariba Reservoir in Zimbabwe. With the €5,000 each already transferred in January and the €5,000 transferred again on 13 December 2021, the donations for Bumi hills 2021 add up to €30,000.00.

On 31 March, the head of this unit Catherine Norton wrote:

We just cannot thank you enough – this is truly wonderful. Your support ( from one small organisation, to another!) is just overwhelming. 

After donating again, this message from Catherine reached us by email on 22 June 2021:

We are completely overwhelmed – we really did not expect such an incredible donation from you both. I don’t know what to say, except that we are deeply, deeply grateful. You are absolutely correct in saying that the risk of not paying our scouts enough is that they might become desperate – although we have great faith in their integrity and commitment, it has been known to happen in other , less concerned units. 

After announcing the renewed donation by our society in December 2021, Catherine Norton wrote: This is not just good news, it’s astounding news! Finances are always very tight towards the end of the year, and we really did think that as you had already been so very generous, that there was little hope of any further donations – and then this e mail arrived! I have to admit to executing a joyful little dance around our operations room. 

Please click on this video to learn more about the work of the Bumi Hills Anti Poaching Unit: 

der Bumi Hills zu erfahren: