Rhinos near Victoria Falls

Near the town of Vic Falls there is a private protected area for rhinos. For interest's sake, of course, we also visited it, as for many years the rhinos have been reproducing well here thanks to extreme protection with 10,000 V-fences and a very effective, tightly organised anti-poaching unit.



Rhinos have been around for 50 million years.

It is so sad and appalling that they are so threatened by poachers.

They are killed for their nose horn.

In Chinese medicine, the horn is believed to be a potency and anti-cancer agent.

But the horn is only made of keratin, the same substance as our fingernails.

Um so dankbarer müssen wir sein, dass es Menschen gibt, die diese Tiere mit einem enormen finanziellen Aufwand schützen.

This rhino sanctuary was acquired by the late Sheikh Adel Aujan and made into what it is today. The rhinos are so protected that they are no longer even cut off their horns as a prophylactic measure.