The Fascinating World of the African Fauna – A Paradise Under Siege

The Fascinating World of the African Fauna - A Paradise Under Siege

On 3rd March 2019 our big event „The Fascinating World of the African Fauna - A Paradise Under Siege“ took place in a packed Iwalewa-House in front of an audience of 120 interested people.

Our chairman Dr Wolfgang Hennig opened by giving a presentation on the many threats African wildlife face at the hands of poachers and the measures to fight them, many of which our NGO supports through donations and strategical advice.

Highlight of the evening was a multi-media show by professional field guide and wildlife photographer Frank Weitzer who has spent the last 10 years living and travelling in Africa. He showed some amazing images of known and lesser known African animals and plants and intrigued his audience with interesting explanations about the very fine balance that exists in a healthy ecosystem as well as fascinating accounts of animal behavior.

Another guest speaker, Alexandra Nägele of St. Gallen, Switzerland, spoke about the work of the African Bushcamp Foundation and how it strives to improve the lives of the people, in particular that of women and children, who settle at the periphery of Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Carlo Steiner of Steiner Optics, a renowned German optical company, who donated 3 high-quality pairs of Steiner binoculars, a much needed piece of equipment for the anti-poaching unit (APU) of the Conservation & Wildlife Fund in Zimbabwe.

Svenja and Marco Pendel, owners of „Outback Africa“, a local travel agency with decades of experience on the dark continent, made a donation of 1000 Euros to go towards the fight against poaching in Zimbabwe.

Our donation box was passed around and was fed well - a big thank-you to all guests and friends donating so generously to our cause!