Wildlife of Africa

Observing wildlife in a largely untouched natural environment is something fascinating. Our association is committed to ensuring that this will still be possible in the future. Everyone can make a small contribution to this.

The hippo on the front page had received numerous fresh skin injuries from its rival.

Martial Eagle (Size ca. 0,80 m, Wingspan 1,90 - 2,40 m), male ca. 3,3 kg, female ca. 4,7 kg)

The white breast and belly feathers, interspersed with black spots, are characteristic of the Martial Eagle.

The martial eagle has just killed a impala the size of a European roe deer.

It is not entirely by chance that the Goliath Heron appears at the Kariba Lake in the evening sun. He still wants to have his evening meal. What happens next? Just scroll through.

Goliath Heron, Size ca 1,43 m, Weight ca 4,3 kg